SEO and UX consultant

SEO and UX consultant specialising in B2B, technical and professional markets, for companies with turnover of £10m or more. Based in Cardiff, but able to work across the UK and abroad

Hi, I'm Arek

I'm an SEO and UX consultant working with companies who want to expand their search traffic and improve user experience. I particularly enjoy working with companies who have complex supply chains, technical challenges and specialist products.

This has included in the past fabrication, manufacturing, professional services, construction, innovation and IT.

I love getting to the bottom of the customer mindset, understanding their motivations and blockers and building all that knowledge into SEO strategies that drive the right kind of traffic. This produces strategies that take into account SEO, UX and marketing strategy. I don't believe there are many consultants who have this kind of breadth of skill and that's what makes me unique.

Arek Estall - SEO consultant in Cardiff

Ways I work

Depending on your unique circumstances, I can work with you in a number of ways. There are three main categories of how I work with clients. Some choose a long-term consultancy approach, where I act as an extension of their team. Others prefer a one-off project with clear timelines and deliverables around a specific outcome. And a new product I'm working on is the one-off, light-touch service, to help clients who are looking for quick top-level advice.

SEO and UX consultant Cardiff

Ongoing consultancy

You need ongoing support on various projects. These can be briefed in to your content and developer teams. Attendance in marketing meetings and/or at board level.

User experience layout for client

Project based

You have a specific project in mind. For example, SEO and UX support as part of a rebuild of your website, or to build out a structure and keywords for your website.

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One-off, light-touch

You are looking for one-off advice. I'll fact-find, audit, and prioritise your issues for you. No detailed audits or projects, just a one-off "here's where your biggest issues are" list.

Clients I've worked with

About me and my approach

I have developed tools and processes for every aspect of SEO and UX. My superpower is understanding complex businesses, markets and what makes a company different. I can quickly bring clear strategic insight that feels like I've always been an industry insider - while still bringing fresh perspectives.

My approach has been developed in a career of fast-growth, pressured environments, walking the walk with my own business, and consulting for medium and large companies.

From 2015-2021 I set up and ran a boutique digital marketing agency called All Trousers. We specialised in working with companies that were fast-growth orientated, and had a strong company culture of growth and care. We had 6 employees and around 6 regular contractors who formed part of our extended team. I sold the business and exited in 2021.

Prior to that I was head of marketing for a professional services firm Wolfestone. Digital marketing was pivotal to its rapid growth and winning multiple awards. I completed my CIM Postgrad in 2014, which is a really valuable qualification that enables a holistic and strategic view on SEO and UX that is rare in what I see as a very tactical industry in its present state.

I now work with a handful of companies on a strategic consultancy basis, mostly £10m turnover and above, though I am able to adapt to smaller teams for the right clients.
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